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Natural Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD or hemp oil is increasingly gaining popularity among the masses and it is easy to see why. CBD or cannabidiol is a major compound that is available in marijuana and it has been shown to have numerous health benefits. Unlike THC, one of the other compounds in marijuana that is also responsible for the effect of highness when you smoke marijuana, CBD has extremely low toxicity levels and the side effects are generally benign.  CBD is extremely versatile because there is a wide variety available out there and it has considerable positive effects on your health and wellness. Here are some natural benefits of CBD oil:

Pain relief

The cannabinoids present in CBD oil help to reduce inflammation as well as soothe pain and muscle soreness. For anyone looking to reduce their intake of prescription and over the counter drugs, including CBD oil to the regimen can help with management of chronic pain.

Helps if you want to quit smoking

New evidence suggests that CBD oil can also be used by individuals that want to quit smoking. Habitual smokers can inhale the oil to reduce their cravings. It can also be used by people that have an opioid addiction as it helps to also manage the effects of withdrawal.

Reduce anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression is one of the most common mental health issues today. Anxiety and depression impact one’s health negatively and it can make it impossible to function normally. Anxiety is usually treated with a range of pharmaceutical drugs that tend to have negative side effects such as increased agitation and insomnia.

Furthermore, some medicines used for treatment are highly toxic and they can be addictive, leading to increased substance abuse. CBD oil can be used to treat both depression and anxiety naturally without any side effects.

Sleep disorders

Taking CBD oil on a regular basis can help individuals that suffer from sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea and insomnia. CBD oil helps to increase the body’s levels of dopamine, which is the hormone in the brain that helps to keep you awake. When used on a regular basis, it can help to improve your quality of sleep and help you stay alert when you are awake.

Treats nausea

Doctors often recommend the use of CBD oil for the treatment of vomiting and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment. Traditionally, THC is what most patients would rely on to treat their vomiting but CBD has proven to be more effective and gentler particularly for younger patients.