The Benefits of Burdock Root


The Burdock root is an ancient lesser-known type of root that has the capacity to do wonders for your health. The Burdock root comes from the Burdock plant, which is a species of weeds that are part of the daisy family. The burdock root has been credited with being able to treat common ailments such as inflammation and diabetes, and when consumed as a tea in various tinctures, it helps to balance your hormones, improve the quality of your skin, as well as lower blood pressure. 

The plants, stems, and leaves of the burdock are valuable for creating herbal and alternative remedies but it is the root that provides the most value. For instance, when dried, the leaves and seeds can be used to cold press burr oil which is used broadly for medicinal uses. The root can be used as a food or as herbal medicine and because of its various advantages; its use has spread internationally. Here are some more benefits of burdock root:

Regulate blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, adding burdock root tea in your diet can help to regulate your pressure. The root is highly concentrated with potassium, which is a vasodilator that helps to relieve tension and relax your blood vessels and arteries thereby preventing the possibility of conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

It is tasty

There are many delicious recipes that incorporate the burdock root as one of the primary ingredients. It is used popularly in stir-fries after it has been boiled; after boiling for half an hour (add a pinch of baking soda to soften), drain the water and then sauté the root with your favorite veggies. 

High nutritional value

The Burdock root is extremely nutritional and it contains essential vitamins and minerals like phosphorous, thiamine, zinc, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. It also has a high content of soluble fiber, similarly found in amaranth, which has numerous benefits for the digestive, nervous and circulatory system.

Does wonders for menstrual cramps

The Burdock root is used regularly for the treatment of menstrual irregularities owing to its capacity to fight free radicals and oxidants. It also helps to balance your hormones, which is why many women suffer from menstrual problems in the first place.

Used in skin care

The burdock root helps to clear up your skin by solving the issue of toxicity, which is the underlying problem that causes acne, discoloration, spots, pimples, and rashes. The Burdock root efficiently clears away any toxins, which in turn leads to healthy and soft skin. 



Donovan Armstrong