Reasons why not to Consume Soy


If you are currently in the pursuit of good health, it might be time to reconsider your obsession with soybeans or edamame as others like to refer to it. In the past, ‘health enthusiasts’ have been quick to promote soy for its amazing nutritional value. However, continued research and recent evidence suggest that soy is actually more dangerous and less nutritious than most assume. As such, it is imperative that you eliminate it from your diet immediately if you want to continue enjoying continued health.

The truth is that almost everyone in the natural health community is aware that all soy is genetically modified. Rather than contributing to your nutrition, soybeans, edamame or soy products actually derive the body of the nutrients needed, as well as cause a host of other health problems.

Why is Soy dangerous?

In their natural plant form, soybeans contain high amounts of anti-nutrients that have an alarming number of compounds that can wreak havoc on your health. Soy contains the following harmful products:

  • Soy is full of goitrogens that can affect your thyroid function negatively.
  • Soy has phytates that inhibit the body from absorbing life-enhancing minerals.
  • Soy products are choke-full of phytoestrogens that are debilitating for women; phytoestrogens block the hormone estrogen, which affects reproductive health.

The consumption of soy has been linked to health issues such as breast cancer hyperthyroidism, allergies, brain damage, osteoporosis and early puberty in teens. Unfermented soy has its own sets of issues that include gut and digestive problems, reproductive issues, malnutrition, loss of libido and a loss of libido. Here are some more reasons not to consume soy:

Impaired immune system

Soy affects your body’s ability to fight diseases as a result of the presence of phytoestrogens that impair the effectiveness of the immune system as well as the reproductive organs. 

Weakened fertility

Consumption of as little as 2 glasses of soy can impact the hormones in a woman’s body adversely. This can have an obvious effect on the menstrual cycle and it can affect your reproductive health.

Generally unsafe

As stated above, about 99% of all soy that is produced on earth is genetically modified, which means that it is grown with a lot of chemicals that are hazardous and unsafe to your health. Although touted as a superpower, soy foods also contain high levels of aluminum that affect the kidneys and the nervous system negatively.

MSG presence

Some soy products also contain MSG, which is a potent neurotoxin that individuals know to stay away from. MSG is created when soy products are being manufactured and it is added as an ingredient to mask the awful taste of natural soy. 







Donovan Armstrong