Reasons to Avoid Eating Starch


A starch free diet can be tough to maintain. However, it can have numerous benefits for your health including improved concentration and focus levels, as well as increased weight loss. Starch is a complex carb that is made up of long chains of sugar molecules. When consumed, the body breaks it down into simple sugars, which then raises the levels of glucose in the body. Glucose is used for producing energy that in turn powers all the vital bodily processes. Any sugar that is not converted to energy is transformed into fat, which is then stored. 

Why should you reduce your starch intake?

When starch is consumed in concentrated amounts, it affects the body adversely because most foods that are also starch dense are generally unhealthy and of low nutritional value. 

Starches, therefore, provide very little in terms of minerals and vitamins. Since they are energy dense, they supply the body with too much sugar that is instead stored as fat. The excessive intake of starch not only leads to continued weight gain, but it also leads to a number of health concerns such as insulin resistance, the risk of developing diabetes, as well as heart disease.

Reasons to avoid eating starch include:

Lose weight

When you reduce your starch intake, one of the very first things that you notice is how rapidly the weight falls off. Reducing your starch intake automatically reduces the number of unhealthy calories that you would typically consume on a daily basis, which will force your body to burn more fat levels of energy.

Feel less hungry

It is not starch that makes you feel fuller but rather the fiber that is available in healthy foods such as veggies and fruits. Unfortunately, starches, especially those of the processed variety, lack nutrients and only fill your body with cheap and empty calories. 

More energy levels

Not all starches are bad but fruits and vegetables ensure that you get the energy supply that you need to carry on with your day. When you eliminate starches from your diet, it also gets rid of the chances of you feeling sluggish or worn out. 

The best starches to eat to boost your energy levels include starchy beans such as kidney and garbanzo, starchy veggies such as green peas and sweet potatoes, as well as starchy grains like oatmeal. If you want to get the most out of these foods, ensure that you prepare them in the healthiest ways possible to steer clear of extra calories or unhealthy nutrients. 



Donovan Armstrong