5 Tips for Healthier Hair

How often should you wash your hair? It's the number one question of hair care, experts seem to agree that cutting back is a good thing. Washing every day is a mistake, no matter how much you might crave clean-feeling locks. Your hair's natural oils are designed to condition and protect itself, so when you shampoo daily, it strips these vital oils away.

With good looking hair being so important to most people in the modern world, I think that knowing what foods to eat to properly nourish your hair is important. Hair growth, just like everything else is related to health and is greatly connected to your diet. Eating highly mineralized alkaline foods is an effective way to restore health and proper growth to your scalp and hair. Here are some Alkaline foods that will help to grow and keep your hair healthy and strong.

Alkaline Foods: 



Avocados are packed with nutrients that are beneficial for maintaining healthy hair. Consuming fruit is linked to nourishing dry and damaged hair. 



Pears contain essential antioxidants that boost organ functions. This process helps to prevent hair loss.


Cherries have antioxidants that  neutralize and protect people from ailments associated with hair loss. Eating cherries will help to keep your hair strong, full and healthy. 


Amaranth Grain

Amaranth has higher levels of essential nutrients than other grains, which makes it very important for hair health. The grain has been linked to stronger, healthier hair, better roots, and a reduction in hair loss. You can also reduce graying and hair loss by adding amaranth grains to your diet. 

Hemp Seed Oil

There are many health benefits associated with hemp seed oil. The oil is full of essential nutrients and is good for people with all hair and skin types. Hemp seed oil also naturally moisturizes the scalp.