Demystifying How to Fast and Detox Your Body


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Fasting or detoxifying your body is necessary because it breeds the good bacteria in your gut. Did you know that 70% of the hormone serotonin is made in your gut which affects your mood- anxiety, depression, and focus? Now wonder why so many people walk around with these issues because of the lack of nutrients. When you detox you allow your body to regenerate. When you put nutrients in your body instead of all the bad stuff you will strengthen your body during this time of regeneration. Stress, pollution, and illness damage your body's system therefore we need nutrients to maintain homeostasis within the body.


Alkalinity provides us a way to maintain this homeostasis. We need to take extra measures to rejuvenate the body on a cellular level to have a healthier life. This will help us to clean, repair, and produce new cells in your body to strengthen your immune system. Intermittent fasting is a method used to detoxify your body as well. This is basically a cycle of intervals of eating and not eating. The benefits are fascinating from weight loss and reduced body fat; lower blood pressure and resting heart rate; and improves risk markers for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


Making your body alkaline and intermittent fasting are essentials methods to help you detoxify your body. Be mindful of what you put inside your self. In order for you to be mindful physically it starts in your (brain) mentally...feed it the right information. Stay well & healthy my friends!!!


Donovan Armstrong