Alkaline foods consist of fruits, vegetables and herbs that are 100% completely natural and indigenous to the earth.  Meaning that there is no man influence or hybridizing of the food; foods that mother Earth produce naturally.  Indigenous foods have a Ph balance of 7.39 or higher which make it alkaline. Alkaline foods are pure energy that contains high amounts of electricity. Electric foods stimulate our electrical bodies that is made of energy.


Avoid hybrid foods that have been altered by humans. Fruits and vegetables are defined as having a mature seed/s. Hybrids are usually easily identified seedless. (seedless watermelon, seedless grapes, seedless oranges etc.) Without seeds it can’t reproduce, if it can’t reproduce, it’s not natural. Hybrid foods contain more sugar, which stresses our pancreas more than regular fruits and has less nutrition than seeded unaltered varieties.


Hybrid foods are created by slicing numerous genes and breeding them to create a new species of fruit or vegetables. Once this is done, it changes the molecular structure of nature, which then makes it impossible for the human body to identify and digest. Starch is a common chemical used in hybrid foods to help bind two unequal chemicals. Starch converts into carbonic acid, which is poisonous to the membrane and destroys healthy cells. Avoiding seedless fruits and vegetables is one of the more prominent ways to avoid hybrid produce.


The traditional western diet has kept illness and obesity on a rising scale. In 2016, 1.7 million people were diagnosed with cancer and 38% of adults in America are obese. Unfortunately, about 84% of the foods in an American diet are not alkaline or indigenous and 90% of the food is not even real. Are you seeing the connection to disease with improper diet? Disease can only survive in an acidic environment.  Hybrid, flesh and GMO foods will keep the body acidic. Consuming indigenous foods and water will create a hostile environment for diseases to survive in.  


What we consume causes two possible outcomes. Either we’re nourishing our body or harming it. Detoxing the body of toxins, waste and parasites will aid in cleansing the body and restoring health. Consuming only alkaline foods and monitoring the bodies Ph balance will help assure prominent health.  Our biological system needs proper minerals and nutrients to feed our cellular structure and to sustain its health. Once this becomes compromised, it will result in obesity, illness and death. Deviate from the traditional western diet and adapt the original alkaline lifestyle that has been provided to us from Mother Earth herself. GO ALKALINE!